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- Do you want to know more about Nanotechnology and its application?

- Are you excited about shaping the human future with Nanotechnology?

- Do you want to know the available opportunities in Nanotechnology at the University level?

- Are you excited about how quantum computers are going to change the human future?

Then join the University of the District of Columbia’s CNRE and AMP3 Team on July 29, 2021, at 9:00 am online to KNOW MORE!

Workshop Agenda- click here   


Dates:   July 29th, 2021 (One day Session: 9:00am-2:00pm)


Workshop Location: Online

Contact Persons:

Sampson Addo at,  

Dr. Bishnu Dahal at

Professor Pawan Tyagi at

About the Presenter

Prof. Pawan Tyagi is actively researching in the education field. He was trained for one year under Myrtilla Miner Fellowship by Dr. Ken Bain, a renowned education researcher and author of Best Selling of “What Best College Teachers Do”. Prof. Tyagi also got training on peer interaction from Pro. Eric Mazur, and project-based education from Dr. Dee Fink. Since 2012, Prof. Tyagi is doing research in effective and student active teaching and shared his knowledge with a national and international audience.

Prof. Tyagi’s recent work on the application of SPET in online engineering education has been accepted in a peer reviewed publication in 2020 ASME conference. Prof. Tyagi also collaborated with several education researchers to test SPET in several fields. He also delivered talks on innovative teaching in several international conferences organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Research Society. Prof. Tyagi has conducted at least six professional development sessions for the University of the District of Columbia and International Universities and engaged 300 attendees in his sessions. Prof. Tyagi is currently focusing on the application of positive intelligence in college education. During the 10th North American Materials Education Conference, August-2019, he delivered an invited talk on this topic at Stanford University. His preliminary research in the field of unleashing college educators and student potential has been published in the conference proceeding of the ASME-IMECE-2019, Salt Lake City.

In addition to research in education, Prof. Tyagi research in the field of nanoelectronics, solar cells, and biomedical. He has published 50 peer-reviewed publications and won ~$10 Million Federal funding as PI. He is the founding director of University of the District of Columbia’s first nanotechnology laboratory. Prof. Tyagi is also the Director of NSF funded Center for Nanotechnology Research and Education (CNRE). Prof. Tyagi is also serving as the project director of Department of Energy-National Nuclear Security Administration Funded consortium of four universities and three industries. Under this consortium Dr. Tyagi is coordinating the workforce development at UDC, Howard University, Morgan State University, and Lincoln University and in parallel fostering collaboration with DOE industries and laboratories. Prof. Tyagi is the recipient of 2020 BEYA Conference Innovator of Year Award and University of the District of Columbia’s 2020 Faculty Excellence Award for External Funding.

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Prof. Tyagi is the inventor of the Student Presentation Based Effective Teaching and has published several peer-reviewed publications.

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