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Education for future


Learning and teaching are not only important but defining aspects in the life of students. Since pursuing a career and higher education in Science & technology require insights about various STEM fields. Proknowledge offers short courses and workshops in exciting fields i.e. Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, 3-D Printing, Effective teaching, Ecology and ecosystem, Natural Resources Conservation, Water Quality analysis & monitoring. Proknowledge also offers consultancy in the areas of Materials Science and Engineering and Energy & Environmental Science.

Our team members have published the number of peer-reviewed journal articles, books and submitted patents in their field of expertise. Also, their unique training approach has been a shining example for other professionals. With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, they’ve educated and inspired countless people inside and outside of the classroom. Their compassionate approach sparks curiosity and connects with people at all skill levels, whether it’s within their published works and or the courses they teach.

As a well-known authority in their field of study, Prof Pawan Tyagi and Dr. Punam Tyagi are recognized for a myriad of scholarly accomplishments and a commitment to continually developing their unique training and teaching practice. With a passion for discovering new findings and sharing knowledge, they’ve made a significant impact on their field and higher education as a whole.

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